Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning (VRFT) Design of Cascade Control Systems with Application to an Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator

Previdi F., D. Belloli, A. Cologni, S.M. Savaresi

In this work an algorithm for direct design of cascade control system is presented. The algorithm is based on the Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning (VRFT) paradigm and allows tuning both the internal loop controller and the external loop control in a single shot based on an I/O data set collected in a single experiment on the plant. Application of this control tuning procedure will be performed on an Electro-HydroStatic Actuator (EHSA) prototype, a new generation of hydraulic actuator providing the main advantages of both mechanical and hydraulic actuators but reducing most of the drawbacks. Experimental validation is presented showing that the designed control system provides good control accuracy and robustness