Low Computational Complexity Control of a Three-Phases Open-Windings AC Brushless Motor

A.L. Cologni, M. Mazzoleni, F. Previdi

The computational complexity of a modulating control is always one of the biggest limitation in the real control of brushless motor. This paper presents a low computational complexity control for a three phases open-windings AC brushless motor. The control strategy is based on a modified version of the D-Q frame: this solution allows to exploit the motor control libraries, already available on some motor control microprocessors. The PWM is generated in accordance to a novel algorithm based on a combination of two standard SVM algorithms, one for each inverter.
The current controller has been tested on a real open-windings motor, installed as an active vibrations damper for aerospace applications. The experiments demonstrate the good quality of the current tracking and the high efficiency of the inverter, controlled with the proposed approach