Design of a HTML5 SCADA System

Maccarana Y., A.L. Cologni, F. Previdi

The SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems are one of the most important components
of the industrial automation. They are used as the interfaces
for production machines, lines and entire plants. The industrial
solutions are usually based on desktop applications and require
a continuous presence of operators close to the HMI (Human
Machine Interface).
In the last decade, the evolution of the internet and all the
correlated technologies allowed to extend the ways of communicate, interact and manage information: in this context the
evolution of the industrial world must engage the consumer
world, introducing innovation in the processes. A HTML5 solution for the SCADA allows to extend the system capabilities
as the possibility of distribute the HMI on different hardware
architectures, activate push notifications of alarms, establish the
direct connection of the plant to the ERP and the company
management systems.
This paper presents the prototype of a HTML5 SCADA: this
solution contributes to the development of a sophisticated context
awareness system, allowing to filter and provide the needed
information to specific users. The target is to achieve all this
together with reactive interfaces to provide good performance
(considering the web data transmission bottleneck)