2008-2010 COMETHA – COntrol METHods for electroHydrostatic Actuators
Funded by Consorzio Intellimech
2 partners – Total funding 281000 Eur

The aim of the COMETHA project is to practically demonstrate on a real test bench the power of control and identification for ElectroHydroStatic Actuators (EHSA). The beneficiaries of the project results are industrial companies interested in this technology.
During the project, the test bench have been designed and two EHSA have been designed and manufactured. Then modeling, identification and parameter estimation has been done.
Control design have been performed, including the development of a new data-driven technique for the tuning of cascade control systems.

Cometha - actuator
Figure 1: One of the EHSA actuators designed for the COMETHA project.

Cometha - testbench
Figure 2: The test bench where the actuators have been tested.