Smartphone based video-telemetry logger for remote maintenance services

Cologni A., L. Fasanotti, E. Dovere, F. Previdi, S. Bonfanti, F. Owen

The strong growth of mobile devices of increasing quality and data transfer rates allows the introduction of these devices in diverse fields. In recent years, with the introduction of the “Smart factory” concept, the use of MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) in manufacturing and assembly processes is increasingly common. The use of smart devices began at the managerial level, but it is now moving down to the factory floor. This evolution unlocks a large number of high-value services: from the time reduction of normal activities to implementing augmented reality. This research project incorporates a real-world example and defines a first operational paradigm for the acquisition, transmittal, and display of multi-source information. The aim of this paper is to describe, with clear references to a real case, the basic principles which should guide the implementation on a mobile platform of a remote maintenance service based on a hybrid (video and telemetry) logger.