Optical feedback sustained self-pulsations in semiconductor lasers

Abbati P., M. Milani, F. Previdi

In this work, we study the dynamics of a single-cavity semiconductor
laser device, able to work in the self-pulsating regime as a consequence of a nonlinearity
distributed in the whole active region and driven by the electromagnetic-field
intensity in the laser cavity. Numerical values of the nonlinearity degree necessary to
establish the self-pulsating regime are given which can be used for comparison with
experimental measurements of semiconductor materials properties. The optical
feedback influence on the self-pulsating device is also studied showing how pulsation
characteristics are affected by the presence of a reflected signal and pointing out the
feedback ability to cause their generation or quenching. The possibility of using
current and optical feedback for the pulsation characteristics control and for the
switch of the laser output is discussed.