A computer vision algorithm for the estimation of the human hair diameter

G. Maroni, V. Uberti, S. Facheris, F. Previdi

The problem of the state of health of human hair is often underestimated because the consequences are in most cases only aesthetic, but a damaged and unhealthy hair can also have social repercussions and worsen the quality of life of the affected individuals. So, in recent years the market demand for greater attention to the health of the hair has grown. Furthermore, the development of IoT and smart devices is opening up new frontiers in all fields where technology can support the needs of individuals. The beauty industry is trying to meet the needs of this market requests in light of these recent technological developments. This paper presents the project ”Internet of Beauty”, whose final goal is to develop a IoT network based on an intelligent hairdryer able to modify its configurations in terms of air flow rate and temperature on the basis of the specific health features of the user hair, in order to preserve its health. The state of health of the hair will be evaluated through the acquisition and processing of images taken by the user’s smartphone, estimating parameters that closely affect the health of the hair subject to drying such as the size of the diameter of the user’s hair.