2014-2015 TOUCHPLANT
Funded by Regione Lombardia
5 partners, total funding 1.274.375 Eur, 20 months (January 2014-August 2015)

The objective of this project is the development of an integrated (and cheap) system for remote monitoring and diagnostics of machines and plants, based on widespread and flexible technologies (such as smartphones or tablets) for the display of data and for remote maintenance.
In particular, the system is able to provide, in a selective way according to the user profile, the most useful information for it, going to increase and simplify the degree of human-machine integration regardless of the skills of the operator. The system provides many functionalities at “touch”: from the specific information of the single machine to the productivity indicators of the entire plant.
The CAL task in the project is the development of a SW system that is capable of interacting with the machine electronics (through a Wifi-CANbus gateway), acquiring the diagnostic data and hrd-real-time synchronizing them to the audio-video streaming to be transferred to the remote maintenance center. Also, an app for mobile systems and a desktop application have been developed.

Touchplant - concept
Figure 1: Touchplant project – Concept.

Touchplant - use case
Figure 2: Example of a use case – The remote operator can monitor the system operation that are recorded by means of a smartphone.

Touchplant - smartphone app
Figure 3: Remote maintenance smartphone app – The audio/video streaming is synchronized with the data measured on the machine and transmitted by the gateway.

Touchplant - remote maintenance desktop app
Figure 4: Remote maintenance desktop app.