SMARTLIVING4ALL – Improving safety at home for children and elderly

Funded by Regione Lombardia
4 partners, total budget 1.237.046 Eur, 18 months (November 2017-May 2019)

The goal of this project is the development of technology to improve (in quality and safety) the everyday life of babies (less than 3 yo) and elderly.
The core of the activity are wearable sensors embedded in the normal clothes that are able to provide ECG, breath frequency, inertial measurements and temperature. The sensors are in connection with a hub (based in the bed/crib for babies, in the bedside table for adults) which is endowed with additional (environmental) sensors (microphone, camera, etc..). The hub is in communication with the home automation system and with the personal devices of parents (in the baby case) or relatives/caregivers (in the elderly case).
The CAL is in charge for the development of algorithms to be used in the various use case, as: to recognize the wellness state of the baby; to monitor the quality of sleep; to understand the typical behavior of the parents/caregivers and to anticipate their needs of information; to identify dangerous or emergency situations for the adults, like a fall, a discomfort, etc…

Figure 1. SL4ALL proposed system’s architecture.


Figure 2. The complete experimental setup: the pulse oximeter (a), the hexoskin device (b) and the hexoskin t-shirt (c).