SMART4CPPS – Pilot 5 (with ABB) – Modeling of bimetal stripes in magnetothermal switches

SMART4CPPS  (Smart Solutions for Cyber-Physical Production Systems)

Funded by: Regione Lombardia (Budget 7.405.050 Euro)

Partners: 16

Duration: 30 months (April 2018 – October 2020)

Keywords: Health Monitoring, Condition Assessment

Background: Smart4CPPS is an initiative created within the ‚ÄúSmart Manufacturing‚ÄĚ working group of AFIL (Lombardy Association for Smart Factory) and specializes in the Cyber-Physical System (CPS) paradigm, the backbone of Industry 4.0, on the specificities of Lombardy manufacturing industry, with its excellence in the production of components and machines.

In the¬†SMART4CPPS (Smart Solutions for CyberPhysical Production Systems)¬† project, the CAL is involved with ABB, Cosberg and ITIA-CNR in the development of a machine for the assembly of medium voltage switches. These contacts (called “bimetal”) must have a particular combination of chemical and physical characteristics in order to work properly. The inserting of the rivet in the assembly phase is crucial to determine the correct working. The CAL in involved in:

  • Define a mathematical model of the bimetal behaviour
  • Characterize the bimetal model via an experimental test bench
  • Develop a machine learning algorithm to automatically decide the rivet depth