SMART4CPPS – Pilot 1 (with CAMOZZI) – Electromechanical systems health monitoring for predictive maintenance

SMART4CPPS  (Smart Solutions for Cyber-Physical Production Systems)

Funded by: Regione Lombardia (Budget 7.405.050 Euro)

Partners: 16

Duration: 30 months (April 2018 – October 2020)

Keywords: Health Monitoring, Condition Assessment

Background: Smart4CPPS is an initiative created within the ‚ÄúSmart Manufacturing‚ÄĚ working group of AFIL (Lombardy Association for Smart Factory) and specializes in the Cyber-Physical System (CPS) paradigm, the backbone of Industry 4.0, on the specificities of Lombardy manufacturing industry, with its excellence in the production of components and machines.

Project: The above paradigm thus contemplates, within various requirements, the creation of smart and affordable components. UniBg, in conjunction with Camozzi, seeks to offer a research and experimental context of smart, sensorial and actuated systems following the CPS paradigm with the aim of checking their own health states (Health Monitoring).

An experimental test bench will then be available (see Figure 1 and 2) composed of industrial actuators, both electromechanical and pneumatic ones, combined with various sensors. These sensors will thus make available the most critical and interesting physical measures to the development of the Condition Assessment algorithm, main argument of research for UniBg within the project background.

Special attention will be dedicated in the choice of the test protocol: a series of experimental tests aimed at stressing the system with the goal of accelerating the degradation of its mechanical components. The detection of any deviation of the state of the system from the nominal healthy state will thus be the key factor in the development of the HMA (Health Monitoring Algorithm).

Figure 1: Example of the developed test bench (motor, load cell and linear pneumatic actuator) and software for programming the tests.


Figure 2: Example of the developed test bench interface.