2014-2017 ADAPTIVE – A modular and adaptive approach to the design of digital factories
Funded by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education University and Research)
8 partners, total budget 11.100.000 Eur, 48 months (January 2014-December 2017)

The ADAPTIVE project aims to develop technologies and solutions to improve the capacity of modern factories to be flexible and efficient, in order to respond adequately to the changes required by the increasingly fast dynamics of the market. The project aims at the development of innovative devices and machines to support the reconfiguration and adaptation of machines and robots, as a basis to support the ever faster market dynamics and with greater requests for customization.
Higher Education initiatives (Postgraduate Masters and Research Doctorates) are part of the project.
The research is organized according to three main Research Goals (OR):
OR 1: Re-configurability and flexibility of robotic cells.
OR 2: Flexible, modular and adaptive manufacturing systems.
OR 3: Human-machine adaptive and efficient interfaces.
The CAL is involved in the OR2. Its duties are:
– the development of methods for automatic SW design for special machines (i.e. self-balancers, polymer processing, etc…);
– the design and realization of a system for remote maintenance based on smartphones.


Automatic SW development scheme
Figure 1. Schematic representation of the automatic SW design procedure for special machinery. This has been applied to a load self-balancer.