A Cellular Automaton Model of Laser-Plasma Interactions

Batani D., S. Biava, S.Bittanti, F. Previdi

This paper deals with the realization of a CA model of the physical interactions occurring when high-power laser pulses
are focused on plasma targets. The low-level and microscopic physical laws of interactions among the plasma and the
photons in the pulse are described. In particular, electron–electron interaction via the Coulomb force and photon–
electron interaction due to ponderomotive forces are considered. Moreover, the dependence on time and space of the
index of refraction is taken into account, as a consequence of electron motion in the plasma. Ions are considered as a
fixed background. Simulations of these interactions are provided in different conditions and the macroscopic dynamics
of the system, in agreement with the experimental behavior, are evidenced.

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